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Brand events
November 9, 2010


We all love a retro-style video game here at Modus Towers (who doesn’t), not to mention a colour-popping bright to cheer us all up during these morbidly cold and dark days in London too.

Hey… what’s that? Has Lacoste launched an online retro-themed video game full of the colour-popping brights that have become synonymous with classic polo shirt?


In celebration of this year’s Lacoste ATP Tennis Tournament, the iconic tennis brand has brought us “Lacoste Championship”. This classic game draws upon the nostalgia of the gaming world, and honours Lacoste’s heritage in tennis.  Check it out on their website or on the Lacoste Facebook page. Users will be able to invite their friends to ‘beat their score’ and Lacoste will be announcing a competition for the highest scoring entrants at the end of November.

The game was launched on 8th November at the Lacoste boutique Westfield with fashionistas (and budding Championship players) Jameela Jamil and Reggie Yates going tete-a-tete in a battle of the video gaming skills!

What are you waiting for – get playing!

Adam Bellenger